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CONAT - International Congress of Automotive and Transport Engineering The conference is a forum dedicated mainly to specialists in the field of Automotive Engineering and other specialists in the fields of engineering, related to vehicle engineering. The presented research is published in an ISI-listed proceedings ( Topics include issues related to innovative solutions for automobiles, automobile and environment, advanced transportation systems and transportation engineering, advanced engineering methods, special vehicles, new equipment and technologies, accident research and analysis. At the same time, a special session dedicated to students is organized during the congress.


COMAT Conference (Composite Materials) is a conference dedicated to specialists conducting research in the field of composite materials. The topics addressed are related to the use of composite materials in the automotive industry, in construction, aspects related to the mechanical behaviour of composite materials; ways of testing composite materials; manufacture of composite materials.


COMEC Conference (Computational Mechanics) is a conference dedicated to specialists in fields related to mechanical engineering and it addresses aspects of research in the fields of calculation methods (FEM, BEM, etc.), structural optimization methods, structural modelling, biomechanics, experimental methods, nonlinear analysis, etc.