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The study programme is taught in English and is EUR-ACE labelled. (Details at It falls within the field of Automotive Engineering, and has a duration of 4 years (240 ECTS credits). Graduates of this programme gain skills in hybrid, electric and autonomous vehicles, CAD, CAM, CAE, virtual prototyping, development of automotive software systems, design and testing of internal combustion engines, vehicle dynamics, fluid dynamics, vehicle safety, vehicle diagnostics, reconstruction traffic accidents, road telematics, hybrid and electric vehicles.


Perspectives after graduation: After completing their studies, graduates will have the opportunity to work as engineers in various activity areas in the field of vehicles, such as computer-aided design; manufacturing and operation, etc. The graduates’ insertion on the labour market is attained by companies specialising in production, research, maintenance and distribution. Here are a few examples: ARR - Romanian Road Authority, RAR-Romanian Car Registry, ISCTR-State Inspectorate for road transport control, Romanian Police - MAPN, Automobile DACIA SA, INA Schaeffler KG, GM Ford, Continental, Draxelmaier, Rolem.



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The study programme is EUR-ACE labelled (details at and belongs to the field of Transport Engineering. The disciplines of the study programme are structured in a logical sequence, starting with those of general technical culture and continuing with those specific to the field of transport engineering, comprising both general and specialized skills. These disciplines create the necessary basis for continuing and deepening studies through master's degree and doctoral studies.


Perspectives after graduation: specialist within ARR - Romanian Road Authority, RAR-Romanian Car Registry, ISCTR-State Inspectorate for control in road transport, Romanian Police - MAPN, engineer in computer aided design of transport systems; operating activity coordinator in transport companies; transport services activity coordinator; distribution activity coordinator; exploitation; maintenance and repairs; consulting; damage assessment, insurance; traffic accident expertise; teacher.



The study programme is EUR-ACE labelled (Details at and belongs to the undergraduate field of Mechanical Engineering. The duration of studies is 4 years (240 ECTS credits). Students acquire specific skills in modern computer-aided design procedures and means, based on the latest theories and methods related to modelling and behaviour of deformable mechanical materials and structures at static and dynamic stresses, structures made of metallic, non-metallic, wood materials, composites, etc. The study programme approaches multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training.


Perspectives after graduation: engineer for the development of mechanical systems in various industries, design engineers in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, aerospace engineering, research and testing engineers in the same engineering fields, in the country and abroad.




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